” No Scandinavian group since Atomic has so powerfully addressed and remade the free jazz of the 60s like Cortex. In a country whose creative music scene is celebrated for its bold hybrids of disparate sounds, Cortex goes another way, embracing tradition in its own unique way, with a personality sketched out by the strength of Johansson’s indelible themes and four distinctive improvisational voices.” .

- Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader -



New Record Out Now!                

"Avant-Garde Party Music"

This is our fifth album and it was recorded at the awesome Athletic Sound in Halden, by Dag Erik Johansen and Kai Andersen!
It is mixed by Daniel Mikael Wold, and mastered by Fridtjof Lindemanat Strype Audio. 
The cover photo is by Kristinn Gudlaugsson, and it is designed by Travassos.
Produced by Cortex, and executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul!

Check it out on: www.cleanfeed-records.com, or find it on Spotify, iTunes etc. 

We celebrate this awesomeness with a 10 gig release tour in USA starting next week!

Tour list:
03.10: The Tambourine Lounge, Sturgeon Bay WI
04.10: Constellation, Chicago IL
05.10: Bop Stop, Cleveland OH
06.10: Trinosophes, Detroit MI
08.10: The October Revolution Festival, Philadelphia PA
10.10: NuBlu, New York City NY
11.10: Neptunes Parlour, Raleigh NC
12.10: If Art Gallery, Columbia SC
13.10: Petras Bar, Charlotte NC
16.10: CM5, Orlando, FL

Poster by Petri Henriksson!
Big thanks to all involved!!

Poster by Petri Henriksson, photo by Kristinn Gudlaugsson

Poster by Petri Henriksson, photo by Kristinn Gudlaugsson


26.08: Jazz Festival Saalfelden
22.09: Bimhuis, Amsterdam
03.10: The Tambourine Lounge, Sturgeon Bay WI
04.10: Constellation, Chicago IL
05.10: Bop Stop, Cleveland OH
06.10: Trinosophes, Detroit MI
08.10: The October Revolution Festival, Philadelphia PA
10.10: Nu Blu, New York City NY
11.10: Neptunes Parlour, Raleigh NC
12.10: If Art Gallery, Columbia SC
13.10: Petras Bar, Charlotte NC
16.10: CM5, Orlando, FL




13.01: Hadeland Jazzforum
16.01: PØKK!, Trondheim
10.03: Art Acts, St. Johan
30.06: Gocka Garden Music Festival, Serbia
01.07: Jazzibar Festival, Kraljevo, Serbia
12.07: Copenhagen Jazzfestival


15.02: Moskus, Trondheim
17.02: Hendrix Ibsen, Oslo
18.02: Hamar Jazzklubb, Hamar
21.02: Playdate, Bergen
19.03: Vossajazz, Voss
21.05: Jazz Cerkno, Cerkno
22.05: Ring Ring Festival, Belgrade
23.05: NMH Exam Concerts, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo
22.06: The Royal Room, Seattle, USA
23.06: Skin&Bones, Kelowna, Canada
25.06: Vancouver Jazz Festival, Canada
26.06: Hungry Brain, Chicago, USA
28.06: Trinosophes, Detroit, USA
29.06: Bop Stop, Cleveland, USA
30.06: Rochester International Jazz Festival @ 7:30 pm
30.06: Rochester International Jazz Festival @ 9:30 pm
17.08: Blow Out! Festival, MIR, Oslo
11.10: Skiensjazzdraget, Ibsenhuset, Skien
12.10: Bø Jazzklubb, Bø Hotell
13.10: Nasjonal Jazzscene - Clean Feed Label Night, Oslo

20.01.15: B-Flat, Berlin
22.01.15: Café De Ruimte, Amsterdam
24.01.15: Sound In Motion, Zuidpershuis, Antwerpen
18.03.15: Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria, Oslo
10.05.15: SpringOn! Festival, Porto
27.05.15: Cultural Centre Dom, Moskow
29.05.15: Nattjazz, Bergen
02.07.15: Kongsberg Jazzfestival
09.09.15: Constellation, Chicago
10.09.15: Sattelite Records, Kalamazoo
11.09.15: The New Ghost Series, Cleveland
12.09.15: Farish Theater, Lexington Library
13.09.15: The Shed, Durham
14.09.15: Conondrum, Columbia
15.09.15: Kings Barcade, Raleigh
17.09.15: Shapeshifter Lab, NYC
18.09.15: iBeam Brooklyn, NYC
09.10.15: Stavanger Jazzforum - Norway
10.10.15: Bømlo Kulturhus - Norway
11.10.15: Kabuso - Øystese - Norway
12.10.15: Voss jazzklubb - Voss - Norway
13.10.15: United World College - Fjaler - Norway

20.01.14: Arendal Jazzklubb, Arendal
21.01.14: Big Dipper, Oslo
12.03.14: New Combo, Fukuoka, Japan
13.03.14: Ashita No Chitzu, Kagoshima, Japan
14.03.14: At Hall, Oita, Japan
16.03.14: Big Apple, Kobe, Japan
17.03.14: Jazz Spot Candy, Chiba, Japan
18.03.14: Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan
04.04.14: Kaffefuglen, Oslo
21.05.14: Nutshell, Nattjazz, Bergen
05.07.14: Ljubljana Jazzfestival, Slovenia
10.07.14: Jazz im Goethe Garten Festival, Lisboa, Portugal
11.07.14: S.M.U.P, Parede, Portugal
03.08.14: Clusone Jazz Festival, Clusone, Italia
17.09.14: Jazz Evidence, Kongsberg, Norway
18.09.14: Storyville Jazzklubb, Molde, Norway
19.09.14: Chagalle, Bergen, Norway
20.09.14: Zoid!, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway
17.11.14: Jazztopad, Wroclaw, Poland
12.12.14: Jazz Bez Festival, Lublin, Poland

27.02.13: Volume 7, Tours, Frankrike
28.02.13: Le Periscope, Lyon, Frankrike
01.03.13: Velvet Club, Turin, Italia
02.03.13: Condorito Club, Cuneo, Italia
25.05.13: Nattjazz, USF Verftet, Bergen
12.09.13: Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria, Oslo
13.09.13: European Jazz Meeting, Dokkhuset, Trondheim
09.10.13: Ad Lib Jazzklubb, Sinus, Bodø
10.10.13: Skiensjazzdraget, Sitt Ned, Skien
11.10.13: Glen Miller Café, Stockholm
12.10.13: Glen Miller Café, Stockholm
27.11.13: Czech Radio Jazz Fest, Jazz Dock, Praha
30.11.13: Nublu – New York
02.12.13: The Shrine – New York (Harlem)
03.12.13: Ars Nova Workshop – Philadelphia
06.12.13: Firehouse – Brooklyn, NYC
07.12.13: Orion – Baltimore
10.12.13: Jerrys – Chicago
11.12.13: The Sugar Maple – Milwuakee
27.12.13: SMOG, Kafé K, Porsgrunn

29.02: ÆÆ/Cortex/Lord Kelvin Bonanza. Blå, Oslo
01.03: Sitt Ned Kunst og Café, Skien
03.03: Antikvariatet, Trondheim
02.03: Nasjonal Jazzscene, Victoria, Oslo
26.04: Soddjazzfestivalen, Inderøy
26.09: Jazz Evidence, Kongsberg Jazzklubb
22.10: Sund FHS, Inderøy
23.10: PØKK! Blæst, Trondheim
24.10: Drammen Jazzforum, Union Scene
25.10: Bøker og Børst, Stavanger
26.10: Teaterfabrikken, Jazzsirkelen, Ålesund
10.11: Sørveiv, Kristiansand
04.12: Blow Out! Mir, Oslo
05.12: Sitt Ned Kunst og Cafè, Skien
06.12: Hamar Teater, Hamar Jazzklubb
12.12: Kaffefuglen, Tokyo – Japan
13.12: At Hall, Oita – Japan
14.12: New Combo, Fukuoka – Japan
16.12: Nu Things, Osaka – Japan
18.12: Super Deluxe, Tokyo - Japan